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Sizes of the large muslin: 100cm x 120cm
Pack of 3 gauzes : small size

  • Muslin to use in summer: when you enter somewhere with air conditioning (at that time of year, practically everyone) you should have the muslin on hand to cover your baby. Being fine and in addition to linen, it will protect you from the air but will not give you heat as if it were a blanket. 0% sweat!
  • Muslin for tapasol placed in the cart: Our muslins are made by making square shapes through the little holes; in this way, we make it more breathable. Place it in the shape of a tapasol and you will see how well your baby will be!
  • Muslin for breastfeeding moms: If you are in a public place and you don't want strangers to be looking at you, you want more privacy, cover your chest with a colorful muslin .
  • Muslin to cover areas: By this we mean that if you have to change your baby and you don't want to put him in areas such as public changing tables, cover the area with one of our muslin to protect him. of dirty plastics.
  • 120x100cm muslin as pareo or scarf for the mother: If you are no longer going to use this accessory for your baby, why don't you give it more use?