Linen dress baskets

At dE.LENZO we have imagined what the first place where your baby sleeps should be and we have made it come true: taking our linens to the little ones in the house. Our linen models for carrycot are designed with great love in Spain with a quality natural fiber such as linen.

A carrycot is an essential element when preparing for the arrival of your baby. It is very important that you choose a carrycot that weighs little and takes up little space, it is also good that you make sure that you can add a structure with wheels to be able to transport it easily ... You'll see how good it is!

Our carrycots made in Spain have the perfect height so that you can control your baby from anywhere in the house and the basket, of course, is removable so that you can take it everywhere and if you add some rocker legs ... you'll get him to sleep in no time ... This is music to your ears!