100% linen blankets

Our FISH blankets are the most suitable for your baby, since they have the ideal weight ... they are neither too thick nor too thin. They are made with a soft washed linen that will give you a pleasant rest for your baby:

  • The linen fiber respects the skin of the smallest, does not cause irritations and is indicated for the most reactive and sensitive skin ... It is ideal for the baby!
  • This fabric regulates body temperature, keeping the baby always comfortable.
  • Absorbs moisture. Babies tend to sweat a lot and, whether in winter or summer, linen absorbs moisture and will keep them dry longer than if you use other fabrics such as cotton.
  • Linen is antibacterial

Ideal for everything! You can take it with you in the car, in the stroller for when you go out together, for the crib or to breastfeed ... You choose! And did you also know that does not need an iron and you can put it in the washing machine and dryer without problems?

Small blanket: 75cm x 100cm
Large blanket: 95cm x 150cm