Privacy Policy

At dE.LENZO KIDS we take the privacy of our users seriously. We like to be transparent and in accordance with the general data protection regulation of the European Union, which came into force on May 25, 2018, we have created this document to make it clear what we do with our clients' data.

This document will help you understand:

  • What information we collect about you
  • What we do with that information
  • How we store and secure that information
  • Other important aspects of privacy

This privacy policy covers the information we collect from you when you use our services and communicate and interact with us (for example, through email or through web forms)
If you do not agree With our privacy policy, do not access or use any of our products, or interact with us to buy clothes.

What information we collect about you.

We collect information about you when you provide it to us by contacting us. All your information is stored in our CRM to help us do our work and carry out our business activities. Data such as your personal contact information, your payment information, the confidential information of your project that you must share with us are stored in this system and the members of our organization are given access to contact you and carry out our business activities. .
With respect to the web, we use third-party tools and scripts that collect your browsing information by installing cookies, and we inform users of this in accordance with the European Law on the use of Cookies on web pages. This also includes information about how you use and interact with our website. If you return to it and in what way and when you return to it. We use all this information to obtain metrics and statistics that help us to have the most optimal communication flow to conduct our professional activities.

How we use the information you give us internally.
We save all the information relevant to your person or your company in our CRM system and for administrative purposes we save the orders and interactions that you have had with our organization. Your information as well as that of your purchases is automatically stored in our system, and we will use it to interact with you and to obtain metrics that allow us to improve and carry out our business activities (sales, customer service, marketing, promotions ...)
With Regarding the characteristics of your purchases and orders, we store this information in our CRM.
We also use your contact information to send you newsletters and information that may be important for future interactions with you, such as reminding you of pending payments or informing you of new products that may be of interest to you.

If you use third-party tools to contact us , such as WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook or Twitter, we assume that you accept the privacy conditions of these services to interact with us, and not We are responsible for the problems and security breaches that the use of these platforms may cause in your privacy.
We will also use your personal information as well as that of your orders to protect our interests and our business activities, where the law requires it under the corresponding legal protection.

How we share your information with other service providers.
With regard to hiring internet storage service providers to start your project, your data will be stored in our CRMs and associated management systems. These services are offered by third-party companies outside of us. . Said companies manage the data but do not directly access it.
We will transfer the data to third parties or organizations that must provide a service necessary for the development of our business activities with you. For example, using services such as mailchimp to send you promotions and articles of your liking.
Finally, with your prior consent, we will transfer information to third parties or organizations that help us improve the way we conduct our business and commercial activity .
As an exceptional measure, we may be forced to share personal information about you with a third person or organization, if we consider that sharing it is reasonable and necessary to comply with any applicable law, regulation or legal process of any government that have the right to claim it from us.

How we store and secure information.
We use third-party hosting providers spread across servers around the world to conduct our business. These service providers are always located in countries considered "Safe Harbors" that comply with the security and privacy requirements established by European regulations.
Despite the fact that we implement effective security measures designed to protect your data and information, there is no impenetrable security system, and due to the inherent nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee that the information we hold about you on our servers and service providers - in part because it is out of our reach - you are safe from any intrusion by third parties. For more information on this, we recommend that you take a look at how our web infrastructure works, where you can discover which service providers we have.
Regarding time, we keep your order information with us and contact information for as long as we consider that it continues to help us develop our business activities, and we will use it solely and exclusively for this, except with prior consent and the exceptions mentioned above.
At any time you want us to delete all information related to you from our servers and infrastructure, it will be enough for you to inform us in advance of your decision without the need to give any kind of explanation in return, so that we proceed to erase all your data.

Other relevant information regarding privacy.
Due to the form of our work infrastructure, we may share your personal data with third parties and entities (such as the transport company to send the orders). We force these people or organizations to work under the data protection regulations in force in the European Union. However, since some of these people or organizations can be found in territories outside the European privacy framework, it may happen that for exceptional reasons they are forced to share part of this information with government entities to comply with their laws. In the same way, we cannot guarantee that they will be forced to comply with European regulation, in case the law of their respective countries prevents it in any way (For example, in the transfer of email data to Gmail services ).
It may also happen that we change our privacy policy from time to time.If the changes are important, we will notify our users so that you can review them If at any time you stop agreeing with our privacy policy, you must stop working with us and explicitly ask us to delete your data if you consider it necessary. .