100% MERINO WOOL quilt

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We have designed a filling of 100% merino wool to complete your linen bedding sets.
To be used as a filling for the interior of your duvet cover or for the fish linen bedspreads. With an exterior of 100% washed linen and edged with a linen ribbon, you can adjust it to your duvet cover or to your mini crib or crib blanket.
The weight of 400gr / m.2 is indicated for halftime or heated houses. The grammage of 800gr / m2 is indicated for winter and cold rooms. Unlike the feather, as it is wool and linen, the breathability is constant, avoiding sweating while you sleep.
Wool and Linen with standard 100 certification by OEKO-TEX.

What are its properties?

  1. Regulates body temperature: Preventing you from sweating.
  2. Anti bacterial, does not retain odors: Merino wool is naturally antibacterial thanks to lanolin, a wax-like compound that prevents the growth of bacteria and odor. Therefore, it does not need to be washed frequently.
  3. Repels moisture: Its fibers allow air circulation, keeping you dry in hot conditions.
  4. Natural and biodegradable: A good way to contribute to the planet, as this wool disintegrates in a matter of a few years, serving as fertilizer for the earth.
  5. The mixture with linen makes this piece an incomparable product.